March 31, 2012

Long time.

Long time, dint update my blog.
why? so late never update? 

Honestly, this place i really not so much miss about it. 
is because just some event i just lucky to get this place.
Many of you really think that i very lucky this or that.
Think about it. Situation is really not what you are imagine.
I will come next time. Event i will just awhile.

Money is enough achieve my dream.
BEATS by Dre PRO white.
aint fakes. real things. sound matter.
Love it.

One black and white.
Black is detox edition. is fake. 

About her, i know she very easy easy get emo.
I will try my best giving her best happiness to her.
What i promises i will do.
because i love her so.

babe... be strong.

Late night, insomnia.
Many things and problem just strike into my mind.
Family, future, money, insurance, safety
i really need an airbag.
Problems will always upgrade and be tough when after we solve the previous one.

Twitter let me more understanding people. doesnt like facebook.

Dream are dead. Work like slave. Wait for money.
spend and save. 
thats life.

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NIBIN P B said...

great post keep going